Vegan Lunch Haiku

As I said in Monday’s post, I’m going to eat vegan on weekdays for a while in an attempt to feel less gross and cleanse from the junk I ate all of December. Two days in, I already wanted meat. (This is why I’m allowing it on weekends: If I didn’t have those two days to have whatever I want, I would break, lose control and eat a whole damn cow with a side of chicken and wash it all down with bacon. I know myself.)

So, I wanted meat, but instead I made these tacos that were super tasty and had not a speck of meat or dairy:

Spices and salsa

Top a veggie medley, but…

Guacamole wins!




I’m calling these Stoplight Tacos because of the red, yellow and green bell peppers that make up the bulk of the filling. Those are black beans underneath, and the whole thing’s wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. YUM!

What are y’all having today?