Lunch* Haiku; ‘Vamos a la fruteria’

Sweet and spicy mix,

Fruit, San Antonio-style,

Chile, lime and salt.


No, really, you guys. If you haven’t had a real fruit cup, you are missing out. And don’t think you can buy a cup at the grocery store, shake on some chili powder and salt and splash it with lime juice from a bottle (though, in a pinch, this way will work.) If you want the REAL experience, you have to go to the fruteria, stand in line under a canopy of shiny papel picado, listen to Tejano music crackling out of some old speakers, order in Spanish (as best you can) and sit on a rusty bench to enjoy your fruit only as fast as you can stab each piece with a little wooden stick.

And while we’re on the subject, I told my friend that his band should have a song about going to the fruteria, and BOOM:

This fruteria, Los Valles, is the best in San Antonio. I took Dianna while she was in town. She loved it.


She looks like she’s up to no good, doesn’t she?


Vegan Lunch Haiku

As I said in Monday’s post, I’m going to eat vegan on weekdays for a while in an attempt to feel less gross and cleanse from the junk I ate all of December. Two days in, I already wanted meat. (This is why I’m allowing it on weekends: If I didn’t have those two days to have whatever I want, I would break, lose control and eat a whole damn cow with a side of chicken and wash it all down with bacon. I know myself.)

So, I wanted meat, but instead I made these tacos that were super tasty and had not a speck of meat or dairy:

Spices and salsa

Top a veggie medley, but…

Guacamole wins!




I’m calling these Stoplight Tacos because of the red, yellow and green bell peppers that make up the bulk of the filling. Those are black beans underneath, and the whole thing’s wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. YUM!

What are y’all having today?

Apologies and a lunch haiku

As you may or may not have noticed, I totally dropped the ball last week. I posted on Monday and then did nothing on Wednesday or Friday. I feel bad about it. 😦

There are a lot of excuses I could give, including 1) my Monday post freaked me out quite a bit so I needed a breather, 2) when I came up from the breather it was Wednesday morning and I was already at work and they frown upon (read: would be ticked if  I did some) non-work blogging at the office, 3) I didn’t come up with anything good to write and why force it? and 4) I’m up to my eyeballs in this last round of edits.

All of those things are true, but I promised y’all 3 posts a week and last week I failed. I’m sorry.

To make it up to you I will share this photo of delicious food and write a haiku to go with it:

Do not feel guilty

For macaroni and cheese

If you have some green

My BFF Dianna emailed the recipe for this macaroni and cheese, which is delish. I made it using whole wheat pasta and low-fat versions of the rest of the ingredients, if I could find them. And I figure if I eat broccoli with it, it’s slightly better than if I ate it without broccoli at all. (This is totally untrue. It’s just as bad with the broccoli, but at least I feel better about it.) This is Dianna’s traditional Thanksgiving side dish, so if she wants to share the recipe with all of you, I’ll let her do it in the comments. Thanks, Dianna! 🙂

What are y’all having for lunch? Haiku answers, please.