Lunch* Haiku; ‘Vamos a la fruteria’

Sweet and spicy mix,

Fruit, San Antonio-style,

Chile, lime and salt.


No, really, you guys. If you haven’t had a real fruit cup, you are missing out. And don’t think you can buy a cup at the grocery store, shake on some chili powder and salt and splash it with lime juice from a bottle (though, in a pinch, this way will work.) If you want the REAL experience, you have to go to the fruteria, stand in line under a canopy of shiny papel picado, listen to Tejano music crackling out of some old speakers, order in Spanish (as best you can) and sit on a rusty bench to enjoy your fruit only as fast as you can stab each piece with a little wooden stick.

And while we’re on the subject, I told my friend that his band should have a song about going to the fruteria, and BOOM:

This fruteria, Los Valles, is the best in San Antonio. I took Dianna while she was in town. She loved it.


She looks like she’s up to no good, doesn’t she?