Blackout Night, part deux

Last week Gemini Ink had another Blackout Night, inspired by Austin Kleon’s “Newspaper Blackout” book where he used existing articles to make new pieces of writing by blacking out some of the words. I had a lot of fun at the last one, so I went back for more. (And I will go back again if they have another — it’s way fun.)

Trying to get fancy.

This time around I tried to be more visual and more mathematical with my approach. The first piece I did was a brief about the pope’s butler going on trial in Italy. (Gee, I wonder why that caught my eye? 😉 ) I decided to keep pairs of words together to tell the story:

trusted butler,

daily Mass,

stand accused,

private correspondence,

blockbuster book,

secretive institutions,

Paolo Gabriele,

on trial,

sensational crime,

scandal broke,

Vatican tribunal,

aggravated theft,

already confessed.

My visual element was to add vertical lines to the marking to make it look like jail bars.

The second article was a sports story about a UTSA (Go Runners!) football player who was almost passed up by recruiting coaches. I don’t like this one as much, but here’s how it turned out:

a list of prospects,

Wade wasn’t on the list.

Today, regarded one of the top players.

how did transformation take place?

it boils down to passion.

“That kid loves football. He really does.”

“He’s a playmaker.”

aggression got him into trouble.



better by the day.

The player coaches were ignoring.

“I just ball. It’s all I can say.”

what prompted coaches to change their minds.

“sometimes you have something special.”

“That’s what he was.”

About halfway through that one I wished I’d blacked out everything but the quotes. I’m going to try that approach next time and see what happens. The only visual thing I did was draw a couple of arrows. I liked it in the headline, “Passion —-> into playmaker.”

The last one was a spotlight on actress Rita Moreno’s one-woman show (which I attended and it was fantastic. I’m excited to read her memoir when it’s published.) The headline was “The life of Rita,” so I only kept words that started with the same first letters of the words in the headline.

Talk to Rita,

tell the life,

the legendary roles of Rita.

Short, sweet, to the point. These words were all out of order, so I tried to draw them like a map so the reader would follow correctly, but it came out kind of sloppy.

I’m trying to figure out how I want to keep these clippings. I still have my ones from last time, too. My friend Amber introduced me to art journaling. I’m thinking these could be made into a very cool art journal entry. I’ll keep you posted on that progress. Any other suggestions?