Happy 2015!

I lied on my social media pages, saying I was going to bed early and would be asleep before midnight.

I was totally awake, working on the book. I wanted to start the year off RIGHT, y’all!

Here’s to 2015! The year things are going to happen!! (Which, by nature of life, is true no matter what. But I’m talking about THINGS.)

Vote for THINGS in this totally biased and unscientific poll:


The more things change…

… the more they stay the same.

Well, after 8 years as a journalist for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, I am now an Associate Editor for a communications company. (I don’t know if I should say which.) I’m part of a team of 10 that is contracted by and embedded within a major Fortune 500 company (I don’t know if I should say which). My team serves as this company’s newsroom, creating content for internal employee channels and external public channels.

So, I’m still writing. And I’m still digging up stories. It’s just a very different animal than the paper was. I won’t say better, just different. I will say, however, that I’m FINALLY getting paid enough to not have to worry about making rent anymore. That is a major improvement.

I’ve been at this new gig for a month now. It’s been a big adjustment, which is my excuse for not blogging here. Now that things are starting to feel like the new normal, I think I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things. (This also includes getting back to editing the book. I will have an updated draft ready to query no later than my birthday. Cross my heart.)

Anyway, I just wanted to give y’all that update. Stay tuned for more fun stuff. To start, here’s a photo of my new desk (which I have decorated with Christmas lights, thank you very much). 🙂