About Stef A

My name is Stefanie Arias and I write.

Me at Lake Michigan in Chicago, November 2009

It started in elementary school with a tablet of yellow paper. A little girl, engrossed in an episode of her favorite soap opera, was sucked into the TV and became part of a treasure hunt. When the adventure ended, the TV spit her back into her living room, where her mother scolded her for lying around all day instead of doing her chores. The whole story filled two pages.

Years of writing followed. There were also dance classes, art classes and the occasional classroom skit. I’m lucky that my parents always encouraged creative expression, but I never believed I could make a living out of it.

Then I went to college (The University of Texas at San Antonio – Go Runners!) and became involved with the independent student newspaper, The Paisano. Writing for a living suddenly became a possibility. After graduation I got a job at the San Antonio Express-News and writing for a living became my reality. After eight years at the paper, I became an Associate Editor at a communications company; my team creates and curates news content for a major Fortune 500 company.

More than anything, I love creativity. Painting, cooking, crafting, dancing, singing (shower, car and, with liquid courage, karaoke), drawing, building and, of course, writing are all features of my day-to-day life. Each one plays an important role in inspiring the others. My hope for this blog is that my creative impulses will inspire yours.


4 thoughts on “About Stef A

  1. Way to go! I’m impressed already and am anxious to see what’s to come. By the way, I figured out how to reply on my own…..I’m not THAT out of touch yet! 🙂

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