Well. I did it.

I sent off my first query letter.

*pauses to ward off panic attack*

So, I should be getting a “thanks, but no thanks” response in 5-10 days, according the agency’s web site. Over the weekend I plan to send off a few more. (The advice I was given by a published author was to do 4-5 queries at a time.)

I need to start getting that rejection letter scrapbook ready. Is it weird that I’m actually looking forward to that?

Don’t answer. Read this instead:

“Failure is success in drag.”

~ Eric Weiner

I’ll let y’all know what happens, but until then… yay, failure! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Well. I did it.

  1. I agree with the earlier comment…so proud of you and how you are making progress in your ultimate goal…one step forward!!!

  2. It’s not weird; it means you’re making progress 🙂 The way I feel about when I get rejections is this: there’s an agent out there who wants my book, so every rejection just makes the pool of potential agents smaller. Every rejection increases the odds that the next query will be the successful one 🙂

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