February in Review

There are plenty of things I could say to make excuse for my lack of posting this month, but I won’t do it because that’s all they would be — excuses. The truth is, I haven’t written because I’m just flat out not inspired to do so. And I’m also ashamed of the fact that I’ve written my basic query letter and have yet to send it. Because it terrifies me.


I can’t keep doing that. So get ready for March to rock your world. 🙂 First, let’s talk about February:


Marisa de los Santos is one of my favorite contemporary writers ever. If she is anything like her main characters, we would get along swimmingly. They are quirky, and funny, and sarcastic, and know random information that would make them dominate a Trivial Pursuit game. In her third book, “Falling Together,” that is Pen Calloway, who reunites with one of her former best friends, Will, at their college reunion when they both receive an email from the third of their group of musketeers, Cat, who begs them both to be there. The trio had a falling out, the details of which are revealed as the novel progresses, but it’s the getting to know each other again part that’s the most interesting. The best thing about de los Santos’ books are that they never quite go the way you expect. The second best thing is her obvious joy of words. When read aloud, her writing tastes like candy.



I’m kind of a dude when it comes to movies. I would rather watch something blow up a thousand times than watch people make out in the rain. Therefore “A Good Day to Die Hard,” regardless of how stupid a title, was the one for me on Valentine’s Day. Sadly, the Die Hard magic wasn’t quite there. Happily, Jai Courtney was, and when he headbutted the villain in pure rage, he stole my heart.


Internet Highlights

Speaking of Valentines, here is Avidly’s list of G-rated moments of swoon. I refuse to think that Laura’s response to Almanzo’s proposal was any different in real life than in “These Happy Golden Years.”

And speaking of Little House, did y’all know that it wasn’t really scarlet fever that made Mary go blind? WHAT???

Deepak Chopra’s 10 keys to happiness. I need to look at these. Often.

A library book returned after 55 years? I would hate to see that late fee.

Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters…

The name’s Dahl. Roald Dahl.

Ten things you didn’t know about books you read in high school.

God, Anne Hathaway annoys me even in this behind the scenes at the Oscars slideshow. (To be fair, though, the question was stupid.)

The best part of February

Dianna came to visit from New York! I got to play San Antonio tour guide for a weekend, and while we were at different places I started doing this thing where I took photos of ceilings/things above me. No idea why. But here they are:


Madhatter’s Tea

The lobby at the office.

The lobby at the office.

Alamo sky

Alamo sky

Menger Hotel

Menger Hotel





San Antonio Museum of Art

San Antonio Museum of Art



Artisan's Alley

Artisan’s Alley

Coming up in March

It’s my birthday month, so that’s fun. And I’m going to send out queries, I SWEAR.


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  1. unable to access page to post comment…love it and no excuses necessary…love the photos


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