Quote of the Week

Yesterday my mom asked who my favorite author(s) is/are. My brain is having a hard time processing that question. It’s like asking what is my favorite movie?

While I think up my list and decide whether or not to print and laminate it (+10 for anybody who gets that reference), I will share with you this bit of writing from “Love Walked In” by Marisa de los Santos, who is definitely among the top 5 on the list because she’s just the most beautiful linguist.

“And we keep driving, the mountains blue and beneficent in the distance, then gone. Gone but not gone. The mountains, Clare, Mrs. Goldberg, my mother and father, Ollie, Cam, Toby, Linny, Martin, Viviana, all right here. You, too. My heart is large; it can contain everything at once, and the road I’m on with Teo, can you see it? It runs forward and backward and no matter which way we travel on it, the direction is the same. You know the direction I mean: Homeward.”

“Love Walked In” was de los Santos’ first book. It’s sequel, “Belong to Me,” was another lovely creation. I just finished her third novel, “Falling Together,” and am as in love with her as ever. (See more in February in Review.)

Happy Friday, folks!


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