Photo Prompt 11 – Nephew’s submission

My 6-year-old nephew and I decorated this gingerbread house over the weekend. I asked him to help me make up a story about it. Here’s what he said:


If the whole word was made of gingerbread houses…

Then the whole word would be covered in candy. Everybody would want to eat the buildings. And if it rained the candies might melt. But if it rained candy, then everyone would get sick if they ate it all. But the dentists would love it because everybody would need extra visits for their teeth. If their teeth were covered in candy they would have cavities.

If someone lived in a gingerbread house, they would have chocolate chip furniture. They would have TVs made out of Dots. And their beds would be made out of marshmallows.

If my school was made out of gingerbread then I would eat it all and I would be fat.

Everyone would get sick and never want to eat candy again.

So there you have it. 🙂


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