If my life was a Christmas movie…

As I was watching “Miracle on 34th Street” on AMC Sunday night, there was a promo for a quiz on the channel’s web site: The Christmas Movie Personality Game.

Before I reveal my results, let me be up front. Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I like the season, the decorations, the family time, the traditions, the music… but the day itself? Eh. Some people say they enjoy the giving of gifts. That can be nice, sure, but mostly I hate the stress and pressure of figuring out what the heck to get people. If Christmas had no presents, it would bump Thanksgiving off my personal holiday pedestal for sure.

Here is how I decorate for Christmas:

Good grief.

Good grief.

And I love all Christmas movies (including the terrible made-for-TV ones), but the one I basically have on loop is “White Christmas,” because all I want in my life is to sing like Rosemary Clooney and tap dance like Vera Ellen (which, at one point, I could actually do. Except for those flaps in “Choreography.” She is magical in that number).

So, to my great surprise, my quiz results didn’t yield any Christmas movie… they yielded THE Christmas movie:

"Zuzu's petals... there they are! What do you know about that!" (My favorite moment in the whole film.)

“Zuzu’s petals… there they are! Bert, what do you know about that! Merry Christmas!” (My favorite moment in the whole film.)

“You’re a true believer in the goodness of the human spirit and know the holidays bring out the best in people. Life may get you down sometimes — you’re only human — but once you put on that Yule log DVD and your Christmas sweater, you’re ready to invite people over for an impromptu get-together of hot toddies. Life’s pretty sweet, isn’t it?”

A few things: 1) I definitely do want to get a Yule log DVD (is that really a thing? Where do I get it?) 2) I will only wear a Christmas sweater ironically. 3) I do believe people are essentially good. 4) Life is, in fact, pretty sweet.

Take the quiz and tell me your results. The first person who ends up with “Bad Santa” or gets called The Grinch will win some kind of prize, because I will find that hilarious.


5 thoughts on “If my life was a Christmas movie…

  1. I also got “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I have watched White Christmas and Holiday Inn each season, my personal Christmas tradition. WC has been my favorite movie for more years than I can remember. 🙂

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