Tree of Thanks Project

As I’ve mentioned before, my family is a pretty creative bunch. We’re also pretty big on family activities. Have y’all ever seen that movie “Dan in Real Life” with Steve Carell? His whole family is on a vacation together at the beach and they have a game night, and a talent show night, and they all work out together in the front yard. After my friend and I saw that movie, she said, “Yeah, right, whose family is really like that?”

Me: “Umm… mine.”

It’s true. When my family goes to the beach we’re like Dan’s family on crack. Yoga, dancing, boogie board races, drawing mandalas, card games, board games and new this year was my nephew’s art show. Not every single person participates in every single thing, but the things all happen and everyone is in on at least a few of them.

Another thing we do is the Tree of Thanks. My aunt Laila started it a few years ago when we had Thanksgiving at her house. There was this cool branch arrangement by her front door that looked like a big tree, and she made a bunch of tags so that everyone could write what they were thankful for and then tie them onto the tree. The next year we had Thanksgiving at my grandma’s house, but I wanted to keep the Tree of Thanks going, so I improvised.

I bought a little bunch of branches from the floral department at the grocery store and spray-painted them a shiny bronze. (Because it’s fancy.) I put them in a vase filled with coffee beans (because it’s fun) and added a shiny bow (because it’s pretty). The arrangement sits on top of my fridge 364 days out of the year. On Thanksgiving, I dust it off and take it to Grandma’s, where it serves as a little centerpiece and our Tree of Thanks. 🙂

The binder where all the tags are saved.

A collection of thanks.

Nephew tying his tag. Also, a giant pumpkin pie.

It’s back on top of the fridge now. The little spider that lives in my kitchen is probably excited to have it back. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tree of Thanks Project

  1. I love your beautiful “branches” centerpiece. It’s golden in more ways than one . . . and holds our thanks perfectly!

    (Picture of nephew is great.)

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