Thankfulness roundup

There are still about 10 more days of November thankfulness to post, and I will, but in honor of tomorrow, which is my absolute favorite holiday of them all, I think a giant blast of thanks is in order.

For those who are my friends on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen my daily thanks updates this month. Here they are to date:

  • Nov. 1: “Today begins the Month of Thanks. Every day in November, I will update my status with something I am thankful for. First up: I am thankful that my BFFs Dianna and Sam made it through Hurricane Sandy A-OK.”
  • Nov. 2: “Today I’m thankful that I’ve always been such a geek. Growing up, I tried to be something else. Now I happily fly my geek flag high! :)”
  • Nov. 3: “Thankful I didn’t have to set the alarm for anything today. A rare luxury. :)”
  • Nov. 4: “Today I’m thankful for this extra hour. Time is priceless.”
  • Nov. 5: “Today I’m thankful that Mondays only come once a week.”
  • Nov. 6: “Thankful I voted two weeks ago and avoided today’s lines. (But I am happy to see the lines, as long as I’m not in them. Yay, voters!)”
  • Nov. 7: “I’m thankful for all the political commentary on my social media feeds. Yes, thankful. Because it means that people care. I’d rather potentially disagree with people who care than be bothered with people who don’t.”
  • Nov. 8: “Today I’m thankful I live in a world where breakfast tacos exist.”
  • Nov. 9: “I’m thankful for things like common sense and common courtesy. Even if they seem to be revealed in moments fewer and farther between, they are still out there and a treat to find.”
  • Nov. 10: “Thankful for the San Antonio Public Library, and all public library systems for that matter. I could never afford to read as much as I do if I had to buy all these books.”
  • Nov. 11: “Today I’m thankful my nephew wrote this story. It makes me happy. :)”

Nephew’s story, Copyright 2012

  • Nov. 12: “Thankful that today’s weather allowed me to wear tights and boots. I’ve missed them.”
  • Nov. 13: “Not a great day. BUT my worst day is still better than a lot of people’s regular days, so I’m lucky. And thankful.”
  • Nov. 14: “Thankful for happy hour(s) and good friends. :)”
  • Nov. 15: “Today I’m thankful that on this super busy day I was interviewing people and writing mostly about holiday decorations. My job is fun. :)”
  • Nov. 16: “Today I’m thankful I have days to use up before the end of the year. Being off today was NICE. :)”
  • Nov. 17: “Thankful for The Cosby Show. 🙂 It still makes me laugh as much as ever.”
  • Nov. 18: “Thankful that HEB wasn’t crowded and had all my green bean casserole fixings in stock.”
  • Nov. 19: “Thankful for the person who knows me well enough to leave this in my box at work. (Santa?) Thank you, whoever you are. You made my day. :)”

Thanks, Jessica!

  • Nov. 20: “I’m thankful that today is my last work day this week and I get to enjoy my favorite holiday with a 5-day weekend! :)”

I hope all of you have plenty to be thankful for this year, and always. Happy Thanksgiving!


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