Photo prompt 10

Photo by Helen Montoya Henrichs

They say all the world’s a stage. That makes performers of all the people living in it.

Some people perform for the money, the fame, the accolades, to be tomorrow’s buzz.

Others perform simply for the joy of making the art, and they are equally joyful to do that broke and anonymously.

Both kinds can make a difference.

Those who covet the material things, who think first and foremost of personal gain and dismiss their human connection to others will look at the first kind of performer and feel like their way of thinking is validated. And, I suppose, they are right. But their glory is limited.

Those who covet creation and community, who see art and are inspired to make their own, their only goal being to finish and continue the trend by inspiring more art… and thereby more… and so on… will look at the second kind of performer and realize that their life can be fulfilled by the love of what they do, not what they have. They, too, are right. And their glory is endless.

Because if both performers stood side-by-side on the stage in an auditorium with no audience and were stripped of everything but the performance itself, which do you think will still be able to put on the show?

The show must go on.


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