Let’s talk about making that hour count

We all had an extra hour yesterday. In years past, I would say I loved that hour because I got to sleep a little longer than usual. This year, I’d rather assign the errands I ran on an hour-long dash through the shopping center near my parents’ house to that bonus hour.

Stop 1 – Bath & Body Works

I bought two new fragrance refills for my Wallflower. My apartment will smell like cookies for the next six weeks, thanks to “Warm Vanilla Sugar.” After that, it’ll be “Winter.” It was supposed to be “Twisted Peppermint” for Christmas, but I didn’t realize until right now that I grabbed the wrong one. 😦 It’s OK. I’ll give “Winter” a shot. (At least it’ll be winter inside, since I know it definitely won’t feel like it outside. Stupid Texas weather.)

Stop 2 – Barnes & Noble

It’s time to research lit agents and write some query letters, so I dropped a chunk of change invested in this bad boy:

More than 900 pages of publishing industry info! I won’t have to read them all, of course, but still… if you know me in real life and wonder why I’m MIA, this is your answer.

Stop 3 – Target

A friend recommended Oil of Olay’s face brush, so I picked up one of those and some Olay cleanser and moisturizer, too. I remember the days when I used to buy cosmetic stuff from Bath & Body. I’m officially in a grown-up cosmetics demographic now.

Stop 4 – Sonic

For happy hour, duh. A Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper (which I could not finish after it got all watery) for a buck? Yes, please.

The most important thing from this hour, obviously, is the book. Buying it means it’s time for the next big step (or giant leap, I say) in getting “There With You” published. I’m equal parts terrified and excited. 🙂

What did y’all do with your extra hour?


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about making that hour count

  1. My power went out Saturday a.m, so when it returned, I set my clocks back at that time. I enjoyed watching the clock all day while doing a variety of things-giving myself an extra hour for an extended time. 🙂

  2. So I woke up around 1:04 to answer a group text (between my sisters and my dad about where they were drinking) and realized that the time had changed sooooo I spent about an hour and a half on Pinterest in the middle of the night.

    not a waste. 🙂

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