Day of the Dead…line

Day of the Dead is this week and this year I might need to create an altar for the final draft of “There With You.” I’m sorry to admit it, but I haven’t finished writing and implementing the last round of edits. I gave myself until Halloween to do it, so technically there are two more days, but it’s just not going to happen.

I have two chapters left to read through and scribble over. That can happen by Wednesday for sure. It’s the actual putting in of the edits that isn’t in the cards. During round two of edits (to prepare copies for the critique group) I spent 10 hours — TEN HOURS — in my super uncomfortable computer chair, typing in all the changes I’d written down. For perspective: That is the same amount of time it took to get from the Atlanta to Rome. In an equally uncomfortable seat. (But with much better food.)

So, technically, the final draft isn’t dead… it just hasn’t yet been brought to life. That’s my fault. I’ll light a candle for it. And then I’ll light a fire under my super uncomfortable computer chair and get back to work.

I lit the candle in my mini chiminea. And that’s papel picado in the back, for decorative measure. πŸ™‚


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