Photo Prompt 9

Photo by Helen Montoya Henrichs


Dance like the wind, the water, the stars

Dance in your living room when you’d rather just sit down and watch TV

Dance with abandon

Dance until you sweat, until you laugh, until you cry

Dance fast or slow, with a partner or alone

Dance in summer, winter, spring and fall

Dance because you can

Dance under any circumstances

Dance for people to see

Dance for nobody but yourself

Dance because it’s exactly what you’re supposed to do

So, as you can probably tell, this photo made me think of dancing. 😉 I danced for 20 years and miss it all the time, but I also do it in my living room just about every night. For fun. And it is.

Another thing I thought of when I saw this photo was how much I’d like to decorate a room using the color palette — lots of silver, white, icy blue and gray and, thanks to that one square of the disco ball, punches of hot pink. 🙂


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