Beach photo prompt

Photo submitted by Olga.

The day is new and fresh.

You are pulled forward by the water, like the water.

Each step leaves something behind –

Work, school, stress, technology.

You are on the edge of the world,

looking out at nothing but the possibility of everything.

You are small.

A speck, a blip, a tiny sparkle in the sand.

Part of nature’s ebb and flow.

The sound of the waves, the heat of the sun, the taste of salt in the air.

When it’s time to go back, you don’t leave it behind.

It’s in your skin and veins.

In each step you take.

In each breath you take.

It’s everywhere you look, if you’d remember to look.

Photo submitted by Olga.

Big thanks to Olga for digging through hundreds of photos to submit these. And thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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