Beach Haikus

I’m on vacation, y’all, looking at this view all week long:

View from the top floor. Not too shabby.

About 15 members of my family go to the beach together for a week every summer. And we all stay together in one big house, which is a lot of fun. (Although sometimes by the end of the week we’re like, “Yeah, okay… see you at Thanksgiving.” 😉 )

The past several weeks leading up to the trip we’ve exchanged mass emails about everything from who is bringing what food and drinks to lewd jokes, some of them even in pirate speak! (Looking at you, Evangeline.)

My aunt sent this:

Also, inspired by Stefanie (don’t get the big head now) I thought we could all write a Port Aransas Haiku.  We have 3 more weeks and everyone can do this!  Remember, 3 lines= 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables   Let’s see how many we can come up with!  Thinking of one will actually take you away to somewhere positive even if just for a bit during your hectic day!

YAY! 🙂

So, here they are:

Do you hear it call?
Is it drawing you closer?
Sand, sun, surf, shells, sea!
~ Olga
shots shots shots shots shots
shots shots shots shots shots shots shots
shots, everybody!!!
~ Natalie

Nat’s is genius, because it’s true. And our theme song. 😉

warm sand of brown
soft waves tumbling down
my favorite place
~ Evangeline
Red, orange sunrise
Bright, white, brilliant noontime sun
Pink, purple hued sunsets!
~ Olga
Light at dawn and dusk.
Enthralls the eye with colour.
Sun, prism, moon, pallor.
~ Laila

Photo submitted by Laila.

Black Spot Mary said:
“Steely Dan is the BEST BAND!”
Oh no, too much wine.
~ Laila
Wind blown swells from far
White capped waves crash down
Salt water on lips
~ Tom
Margarita time
Mango, grapefruit and beer soaked
All make me happy!
~ Alysse

Last year we did a margarita pour-off.

The sun is high
The sand is hot
So be prepared and have sun block.
~ Michael

Michael, submitted by Evangeline.

Much to our delight

We care for our appetite

Or starve as we might!
~ Olga

Olga’s water shoes, submitted by Olga.

my countdown times two
first for ridiculous boards
then for each of you!
~ Noelle
As you can see, we are a creative bunch. 🙂 Aside from the beach itself (and the drinking – some of us may have a problem 😉 ) we also spend time playing games, reading, watching movies, drawing mandalas, dancing, cooking, taking photos and laughing hysterically. I’m adding the Newspaper Blackout activity to the roster this year, and my six-year-old nephew is going to have an art show. Prepare for a photo bomb blog post of epic proportions next Monday.

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