Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

(Reading this post will be way more fun if y’all play the “Mission: Impossible” theme.) 😉

A suggested activity from “The Artist’s Way” became my Artist Date for the week, and I got to be sneaky while I did it, which is always fun.

While I’m on vacation next week, your mission is to do this same thing.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Post-its
  2. A pen
  3. A few minutes out of your day
  4. The tiniest sense of adventure


  1. Write a short note about a book that you’ve read on a Post-it.
  2. Go to the bookstore.
  3. Leave the note inside the book for potential future readers to find.

How fun would it be to open a book to read the summary or the author bio and find a note from a reader? It would be like knowing a secret, or finding a treasure. I left four notes. The idea of someone finding them makes me feel like Santa Claus. 🙂

The scene of the “crime.” 😉

From a reader, for a reader.


I would LOVE to hear about y’all doing this. I hope you do. Be sure to share!

(PS – If you left a comment on Monday’s color post, I replied with abridged versions of the mandala book’s answers. Go check it out.)

(PPS – I realize I would be the worst spy and/or criminal ever. Smiley faces AND my initials? How silly.) 🙂