The Purple Post

Purple was my favorite color when I was a kid. It remains at the top of the list now, although tied with red.

When I was in high school, there was a dance team camp routine to “Purple Rain,” and ask anybody I was on dance team with – I couldn’t stop singing that song!

Six years ago I dyed the underside of my hair purple. It peeked through/curled around when my hair was down and made a thick purple stripe when it was in a ponytail.

Now that I’m looking at it, I want to do it again. And wow, my natural hair color looks black in this pic! I didn’t realize it was that dark.

My bedroom walls in my last apartment? Purple.

Shannon dyes her hair purple in “There With You.”

I edit the book with my ink color of choice – purple.

My toenails after yesterday’s pedicure? You guessed it.

So, obviously I like purple. When I stopped to think about that yesterday (while choosing my polish for the pedicure), I realized how much.

But what does it mean??

I went to my mandala book for the answer.

“Purple is the color of royalty, the wine-dark sea, and violets in the snow. … Purple is a mixture of blue and red. … It is an amalgamation of the energy of red and serenity of blue. … Purple is associated, above all, with royalty. … When the color purple appears [in your mandala], you might consider the possibility that it expresses the emergence of the feeling function. … The color purple may also signify the process of personal growth. It can suggest the restless motive energy of something seeking to become free at a new level of being. … Purple [in mandalas] suggests a vivid imagination, which can be useful for creative endeavors. Those who like purple seem to have an ability to generate excitement, to attract attention. This can earn one a special place within the family or community. … Some negative connotations to a preference for purple include a self-absorption and a vision of oneself as beyond or above the human condition. … Of one thing you can be certain: purple is not ordinary.”

~ from “Creating Mandalas — For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression” by Susanne F. Fincher

I don’t know about all of that, but most of it fits. My name, which is Greek (though I am not), means “crowned one.” So I’m working the whole royalty thing. Hear that, Prince Harry? πŸ˜‰

I definitely feel like I’m in a stage of personal growth, imagination and creativity. I don’t think I’m any more special than anyone else in my family or community, but I do identify with that negative connotation — not that I feel I’m above the “human condition,” but that I am meant for more than what I am now.

And I don’t want to be ordinary. πŸ™‚

Is there a color that tends to pop up in your life? Let me know and I’ll tell you what the mandala book says about it.


10 thoughts on “The Purple Post

  1. thanks, Stefanie, do enjoy your mandala color book and the insight the colors give…I agree with your almost all of the report. πŸ™‚

    • “Red signifies the arousal of healing, life-giving potentials deep in the psyche. … It has come to symbolize the ritual acts of acknowledging sin, sacrifice and atonement. … Red has positive meanings that suggest the energy we need to survive, be healthy and transform ourselves to greater inner wisdom. The negative meanings of red have to do with wounds, destructive rage and suffering. … Red can show a commitment to life, the will to survive and an acceptance of the body. Red can also mean fire: the fire of emotion, spirituality or transformation.”

    • “The light, warmth and life-giving power of the sun are symbolized by yellow. … Yellow has become a symbol of the ability to ‘see,’ or understand. It suggest the god-like quality of consciousness which enables the person to rise above instinct to think, plan and imagine things unseen. … A new chapter in your life may be announced by the appearance of yellow. … A preference for yellow suggests one is a person who presses forward into the future seeking the new, the modern, the developing and the unformed. … A darkened yellow may symbolize a negative attachment to the father. This might be lived out as difficulties with authority, a hard time meeting deadlines or problems in relationships with men. … Yellow can show you that you are ready to learn something new, to venture out into the world with energy and drive to pursue some new project.”
      “If we think of red as raw energy, then orange might be thought of as energy tempered the yellow of insight, understanding or thought. Orange is something like fire within rightful boundaries. … Orange has to do with self-assertion, pride and ambition.”

    • “Pink is the color of flesh. … White (spirit) imbued with red (energy) suggests a robust innocence, like that of a healthy infant. … Pink may be chosen by people who are experiencing physical symptoms due to illness or stress, even though the symptoms are unrecognized by the person. … The positive pole of pink might relate to your emotional life, an acceptance of the human condition. … The negative pole of pink points to a preoccupation with the body, pressing needs of your inner child, or, possibly, the presence of a physical illness.”
      “Green is the color of nature, teeming with growing things and redolent of fresh scents. Green reminds us of the cyclical renewal of the natural world which dies and is reborn each spring, fresh and full of potential. Green symbolizes the principal of natural, healthy growth, and the ability to nurture growing things. … Green might be best thought of as the symbol of Mother Nature herself. … It may be a reminder of the power of life.”

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