The Purple Post

Purple was my favorite color when I was a kid. It remains at the top of the list now, although tied with red.

When I was in high school, there was a dance team camp routine to “Purple Rain,” and ask anybody I was on dance team with – I couldn’t stop singing that song!

Six years ago I dyed the underside of my hair purple. It peeked through/curled around when my hair was down and made a thick purple stripe when it was in a ponytail.

Now that I’m looking at it, I want to do it again. And wow, my natural hair color looks black in this pic! I didn’t realize it was that dark.

My bedroom walls in my last apartment? Purple.

Shannon dyes her hair purple in “There With You.”

I edit the book with my ink color of choice – purple.

My toenails after yesterday’s pedicure? You guessed it.

So, obviously I like purple. When I stopped to think about that yesterday (while choosing my polish for the pedicure), I realized how much.

But what does it mean??

I went to my mandala book for the answer.

“Purple is the color of royalty, the wine-dark sea, and violets in the snow. … Purple is a mixture of blue and red. … It is an amalgamation of the energy of red and serenity of blue. … Purple is associated, above all, with royalty. … When the color purple appears [in your mandala], you might consider the possibility that it expresses the emergence of the feeling function. … The color purple may also signify the process of personal growth. It can suggest the restless motive energy of something seeking to become free at a new level of being. … Purple [in mandalas] suggests a vivid imagination, which can be useful for creative endeavors. Those who like purple seem to have an ability to generate excitement, to attract attention. This can earn one a special place within the family or community. … Some negative connotations to a preference for purple include a self-absorption and a vision of oneself as beyond or above the human condition. … Of one thing you can be certain: purple is not ordinary.”

~ from “Creating Mandalas — For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression” by Susanne F. Fincher

I don’t know about all of that, but most of it fits. My name, which is Greek (though I am not), means “crowned one.” So I’m working the whole royalty thing. Hear that, Prince Harry? 😉

I definitely feel like I’m in a stage of personal growth, imagination and creativity. I don’t think I’m any more special than anyone else in my family or community, but I do identify with that negative connotation — not that I feel I’m above the “human condition,” but that I am meant for more than what I am now.

And I don’t want to be ordinary. 🙂

Is there a color that tends to pop up in your life? Let me know and I’ll tell you what the mandala book says about it.