A working title and an official freak out

I gave myself until this past weekend to put in my edits and print out the second draft for my readers. I’d procrastinated for weeks, so Sunday was crunch time. I spent 11 – ELEVEN – hours in front of my computer doing the job at the last minute.

You guys. Don’t follow my lead. I think I gave myself carpel tunnel.

Anyway, it’s done. I had to work on Monday and was so exhausted from the day before that I didn’t wake up in time to blog. Sorry!

What I did do, however, was print out my second draft. πŸ™‚ This is the first time I’ve shared my (working) title. Drum roll please…

After I printed out two copies I went over to my cousin’s house and proceeded to have a small panic attack when I handed one of them over. Only one other person has read this thing besides me, and now I have to let more people do it. My cousin is super excited. I am FUH-REAKING OUT.

I feel like a mom taking pictures of my book’s date.

She’s 17 (my target audience) and loves to read, so I’m looking forward to hearing what she thinks. I just hope I’m not still breathing into this paper bag when it comes time to discuss it. 😦


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