Let’s talk about goals

Obviously y’all know mine: get published. In a dream world what would follow is a book tour and a deal to write a sequel (which, by the way, is already semi-plotted out). In a complete fantasy world, there would be a million copies sold and a movie deal. The dream might happen, you never know. The fantasy is a supremely long shot.

If it did happen, though, I could fulfill a few dream goals. The ultimate is to establish a creative arts program where I select a group of artists and fund them for a year. I’d have an apartment building or dorm where they’d all live, expenses paid, so that they could concentrate on developing themselves as artists and not have to worry about paying rent or going to a time-sucking day job. There are so many artists out there who never feel like they can follow their calling because they are consumed by their day-to-day responsibilities. My program would give them a chance to really focus on their art. Imagine what a year’s time could produce! It makes me happy just to fantasize about it.

Everyone does it. When the lottery was a gazillion dollars a couple of months ago, I know y’all all were mentally spending it. If that dream had come true, would you have used the money to help meet one of your goals? Take money out of the equation – what goals are you hoping to reach?

Experience, confidence, determination – all of that grows and makes me better. Getting published and thinking of what I could do with the fantasy money are fun to think about, but if none of it happens, I’m still a writer, still having fun and always improving. Those are pretty great goals to achieve along the way.


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about goals

  1. It’s hard for me to realize how “grown up” Dianna is. Sorry, but I haven’t seen her in 18 years and still think of her as a young girl. This gives me insight to how Dianna has grown and matured. 🙂

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