Creative Writing Challenge – Alphabet

Here’s a creative writing exercise that came from the same source as the 7x7x7x7 poetry challenge. Warning (especially to my Grandma, if she’s reading) — there is profanity.

The challenge is to write a 26-sentence story with each sentence beginning with letters of the alphabet in order, from A to Z.

A woman stepped out of a taxi, one long leg at a time. Before she closed the door, the driver hit the gas. (Cab drivers are impatient sometimes.) Dust flew up from under the spinning tires. Exhaust choked the woman and others nearby. “Fuck you!” she shouted, giving the back of the car the finger. Great, now everyone is staring, she thought. Her name was Lola, but she wasn’t a showgirl. In the corporate world they’re called “escorts.” Just keep moving. Knowing people were still staring, she ducked into the coffee shop on the corner. “Latte, non-fat,” she ordered, then slipped into a booth by the window. Men in suits strolled along the downtown sidewalks. Nearly half an hour went by before she saw the one she was waiting for. One o’clock, on the dot, she thought as she watched him enter the hotel across the street. Politicians didn’t want to be seen with their escorts, so she waited for the text message he said he’d send. Quickly, she scanned the street for anyone who might recognize her. Relax, you can do this. She jumped when her phone buzzed. “Take the service elevator to Room 836, knock twice, identify yourself as X.” Ugh, the service elevator. Very few people – none of them hotel employees – seemed to notice her as she made her way up to his room. “Who is it?” he asked when she knocked. “X,” she answered. “You’re right on time,” he said as he opened the door. “Zachary Brown… or do you prefer Mr. Mayor?” she replied, holding up her badge, “You’re under arrest.”

I won’t ask y’all to give me 26 lines, but how about a few? A through M, perhaps? Or how about any 10 letters in a row as the start of the sentences? Come on, challenge yourself!

Oh, and Grandma — I washed my mouth with soap. πŸ˜‰


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