Viva Fiesta, Part 1

San Antonio has a 10-day, city-wide party every year called Fiesta. (If you have not been, you need to come. I will be happy to be your guide.) 🙂

One of my favorite events is the Fiesta Arts Fair, which is a creative explosion held at the Southwest School of Art. Last year I bought a pair of earrings and a beautiful panoramic drawing of butterflies. I went on Saturday with some friends and miraculously stayed on budget. It was not easy, you guys. I wanted to buy everything. (If this book gets published I am in serious danger of spending all the money on beautiful things I don’t really need.)

Fiesta Arts Fair - 117 booths of art and crafts by vendors from around the country. In other words, bliss!

Also, music on two stages.

I should get some of these to decorate my apartment's little patio. 🙂

Glass blowing demonstrations...

... and the results.

Who doesn't need a coffee table made of flattened bottle caps? I'm not kidding, y'all, I would find a place for this if I could afford to buy it.

I might draw the line at the big, bouncy hot dog, though. Maybe.

Hand-painted reeds. I wish I had more wall space. Oh, and money.

I don't even play; I'd just hang it on a wall. Again, need the wall space. Oh, and money.

A bunch of these guys were hanging out in a tree. No idea what they are, but they look awful happy. 🙂

What I actually bought. Sorry for the blurry.

These two pairs of earrings are made out of vintage tins. Aren’t they beautiful? They’re totally one of a kind, too, which I love. They’re done by Kari Stringer and CeRee Hellums at Fat Cat Jewelry Studio.

Next weekend there’s another (and bigger) Fiesta event called the King William Fair that will have some of these same vendors and tons more. Last year I bought a pair of amber earrings from a jewelry maker from Poland and a hand-drawn map of Mission Trail for my dad for Father’s Day. I can’t wait to see what I find this year. 🙂

Support artists, you guys! And Viva Fiesta!


4 thoughts on “Viva Fiesta, Part 1

  1. You have made go down memory lane! What a fun road that was. I think my participation in Fiesta week growing up is part of the reason I continue to seek out the festivals where I live and include music in almost everything I do. Viva Fiesta-San Antonio!!!

  2. If I didn’t live here already, I would be so tempted to move to San Antonio from your pics and enthusiasm. Gotta love good ole San Antonio. No other place like it. 😉

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