Everything is everything

Thank you, Ms. Lauryn Hill, for the title. πŸ™‚

If there’s anything I hope I’ve conveyed in the last three months (!) of doing this blog, it’s that I firmly believe a person who is creative in one way opens their mind to the possibility of being creative in ways they’d never before considered. My main goal is become a published author. I enjoy many other aspects of creativity aside from writing, though, which I feel makes me a better writer and, honestly, a better person overall.

Example: This weekend I went to a painting class on assignment for work. (Pause to appreciate the coolness of my job… Yes, I am a lucky gal.) The painting we did was based on a photo of the River Walk. I followed the instructor’s directions and advice, and yet my painting was coming out like a weird, weak version of the original. Before my Type-A frustration bubbled to the surface (it was close call, guys), I remembered that 1) I can make it look however I want because 2) art is individual.

Once I embraced that, I had much more fun. Check it out (photos were all taken with my phone, hence the quality. Sorry.):

The class.

Started with the water...

Shadowed other parts with the water colors...

Now adding gray...

Lighter grey. This is where I gave myself a pep talk...

... and went for it. Textured the rocks, but still wasn't a fan of the greenery on the top left corner.

Modified the greenery and signed my initials.

I have paints at home so I want to embellish that random light green part in the center a bit since we ran out of time in class. When it’s all done, I know exactly where it’s going — to my BFF Sam in New York City who has been away far too long, has a new apartment to furnish and could use something to remind him of home. (I hadn’t told him about this yet. Surprise Sam!) πŸ™‚

My other weekend project was to spiff up my Creativity Corner. I’d gone through and organized my filing cabinet a couple of weeks ago and realized how horrifically ugly it is. My dad helped me give it a makeover:


Boom! After!

How awesome does that filing cabinet look? I love it! I also took down the shelf that was attached to the desk/collecting junk, which allows me to use the cabinet’s surface to give myself more space to work.

The point of showing you all this is that being creative in these ways gave me the push I needed to start writing my draft’s new chapter. πŸ™‚ Little things, y’all. They make big differences.


16 thoughts on “Everything is everything

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  2. I just found this blog while surfing around on Pinterest! Thanks so much for the nice write up. We are so glad you had a great time at our Painting with a Twist studio!! Come again soon… Melissa!

  3. Ok let me try this again-I ran out of juice right at the end of this reply. I believe I said, that’s not fair! You’ve been practicing on Mandala’s (sp?) jk ; )
    I have enjoyed catching up with your blog as I have gone back and commented. Late is better then never! Which brings me to “happy birthday!”. Wish you were here, the river is beautiful right now! By the way if your friend doesn’t have a spot for your art I will take it!

  4. Wow, Stef, that turned out so well! You inspire me, seriously. Maybe I thought think about taking some sort of class like that. I sure could use the outlet. When will the story run?

  5. That painting is so good! This is why I wanted you to do that story–if I had gone I would have produced a huge mess of blue and green stained by my tears.

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