Yesterday was my birthday. (Thank you!) πŸ™‚ March 25 is super popular. I personally know six others who have the same birthday, not to mention these people: Gloria Steinem (AWESOME!), Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Frank Oz and Sarah Jessica Parker.

In honor of the day, I’m going to share the entry for March 25 from Disneystrology: What Your Birthday Character Says About You by Lisa Finander. This book combines numerology, astrology and Disney magic to assign a character to every day of the year. They range from major characters to obscure (and I’m talking random fairies from “Fantasia” obscure). Mine is Tigger.




Tigger: You never run out of energy. You’re optimistic, creative and charming. Because you’re so sure of yourself and your abilities, you’re shocked when things don’t turn out as planned. You usually discover, after the fact, that the things you can’t do, you don’t like to do anyway. You never lose your childlike innocence and are shy around those you admire. Your best friends are the ones who appreciate your energy and spontaneity.

Magical Gifts: Tigger bestows everything that Tiggers like — a happy heart, good friends and a fabulous bouncing ability.

Keys to Your Success: Looking before you bounce.

Being a big geek for Disney, I thought this was more fun than your run-of-the-mill birthday horoscope. πŸ™‚ Plus, a lot of it is spot on.

Look how close I was to being Dopey!

Tell me your birthday and I’ll reply with your Disneystrology character bio.



8 thoughts on “Disneystrology

    • Flora from “Sleeping Beauty” — aesthetic, influential, knowledgeable.
      You value beauty. You come up with creative solutions to unforseen problems. Although your ideas are brilliant, you often formulate them without considering the input of your peers. Your intention is to resolve the situation as quickly as possible without ill effects, even if it means keeping certain things hidden. Believing that everything will work out in the end, you ensure that it does.
      Magical gifts: Flora bestows the gifts of ingenuity, diligence and, of course, beauty. Whenever you need her help, wear something pink or red and she’ll magically appear.
      Keys to your success: Putting others to sleep until the crisis passes.

    • Iridessa from “Tinker Bell” — organized, smart, disciplined.
      You are intelligent and detail oriented. You have good instincts; although you are naturally optimistic, you can sense when a situation will turn out poorly. Persistent, you don’t give up until you’ve mastered the task. Because you worry about outcomes, people who don’t take their work as seriously as you can get on your nerves. Not one to hold a grudge, you are always ready to help when needed.
      Magical gifts: Iridessa bestows the gifts of knowledge, vitality and intuition. Call on her when you’re questioning a situation, and she will bring you the right answer.
      Keys to your success: Creating and capturing rainbows.

    • Russell from “Up” — receptive, loving, enthusiastic.
      You love learning and sharing your expertise. You seek the company of others and are cheerful. When you want something, you go after it persistently and optimistically. Because you focus on the goal and not the details of the situation, you end up on some unbelievable excursions. You’re an invaluable friend, and your services improve the lives of many.
      Magical gifts: Russell bestows the gifts of a warm heart, a love of animals, and a taste for adventure. He will teach you the skills needed for success.
      Keys to your success: Doing what it takes to rise to the next level.

    • James Henry Trotter from “James and the Giant Peach” — receptive, inventive, adaptive.
      You are a gentle soul. You are wise and possess an inner radiance that no one can diminish. At times the world around you seems harsh, but you are cooperative and find nonaggressive ways to handle the situation. Humane, you befriend and protect the tiniest inhabitants in nature. Those closest to you hold you in the highest esteem, and it is well deserved, for you are an extraordinary person.
      Magical gifts: James bestows the gifts of grace, imagination and compassion. Under his tender guidance, your sense of self will survive and thrive.
      Keys to your success: Remembering what fun is for.

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