Photo Prompt Four

Photo by/courtesy of Helen Montoya Henrichs

A game of hopscotch with the biggest of skips,

the ice cream truck’s siren of dings, dongs, bleeps, blips,

a surprise gust of wind filled with cold winter blues…

What makes little kids leap right out of their shoes?

Perhaps Moms appear with the promise of lunch,

or Dads tossing them in the air – that’s a hunch,

whatever it is, shoes just get in the way,

that’s what I think. Now what do you say?

It doesn’t have to be in verse, but tell me what you think the wearer of these flip-flops saw or heard that caused her to run off without them. Be creative!


3 thoughts on “Photo Prompt Four

  1. I think of my childhood playing with the kids in the neighborhood; playing hop scotch and leaving our shoes to do cartwheels in the grass (just out of frame). Memories of days gone by.

  2. I realize that when my mouse hovers over that picture it says “winter”, but I see hot pink flip flops and I think summer! I imagine someone saw a way-to-amazing-to-resist swimming pool, ran right out of those flops screaming “CANNON BAAAAAALL!” and did just that…splash =)

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