A geek for a theme: “The Night Circus”

Last week BBCE came over to chat about “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. In the book, everything in the circus from tents to costumes is black and white. The circus groupies who follow it from town to town also wear black and white, but they add red scarves to identify themselves.

I own a lot of black, white and red stuff, so it wasn’t hard for me to plan how I was going to decorate. (I totally had to reign myself in, though. It would have been very easy to turn my apartment into a circus tent.) My mom also let me borrow a couple of things of hers. I’m happy to say that everyone showed up wearing something black and white or red. πŸ™‚ I love my book club!

It doesn't have anything to do with anything, but my "Gone With the Wind" poster totally goes.

Lots of good eats. I borrowed the candles from Mom; the mask decoration was a Christmas gift (and is supposed to be for jewelry, but I like it as it is.)

Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate-filled raspberries. The black goblet thing is mine; the chandelier picture and candelabra are Mom's.

Sorry those are kind of blurry. My camera gets sassy when I don’t use flash, and candlelight isn’t done justice if flash is used. I really hope the book is made into a movie so that I can see the sets and costumes brought to life. The Top 10 performance from Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance has the perfect feel.

While I’m at it, let me give y’all a glimpse into the rest of my place. You’ve already seen my Creativity Corner, the quilt (black and white :)) on my bed and what the table looks like without all that stuff on it. Here are a few other spots:

Red furniture. That chaise is super comfy.

That built-in is meant to be a dry bar, but I use it for photos, knick-knacks, my stereo and CDs, and the cabinets are full of DVDs, board games and blankets.

"The Library" in the hall to the bedroom. I probably need a bigger bookcase. Note the unmade bed and, since the Terrible Roach Incident of 2010, the can of roach spray I now always keep beside it.

I love my apartment and I choose furniture, art and decorations that stimulate me. You can’t be creative in a dull space, and no space with red furniture could ever be dull. πŸ™‚ How have you decorated your place to spark your creativity? What items do you have that inspire you?


3 thoughts on “A geek for a theme: “The Night Circus”

  1. I’m sure you can pick up “the outdoors in” look in my house. I sometimes feel my house looks incomplete but then, as I walk about cleaning there is something in each room that reminds me of all my favorite places…and guess where the beach, the river and mountains are? Outdoors!

  2. I think my favorite thing is the plaque above the tv that says, “Do one thing ever day that makes you happy” When I work on my projects and spend time decorating my house, that’s when I am at my most creative and happy. I spend a lot of time watching creative shows on tv, so it usually triggers new ideas I want to try.

  3. Well as you know…my surroundings/decor tend to be neutral/earthy/rustic/natural. This is what I consider comfortable, and I feel like I am most creative when I am relaxed =)

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