Happy Leap Year! February in Review

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and commenting on this blog. My readership seems to be growing (if WordPress stats are to be believed) and that is very exciting. March holds two important events on the same day — my birthday and a self-imposed deadline to finish edits on my book’s first draft. Before we get there, though, let’s see what happened in February:


“The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern was the BBCE selection for this month. (I hosted the meeting and totally geeked out with the theme. Pictures to come.) Entertainment Weekly suggested this book could be the magic to fill the Harry Potter void. There’s plenty of magic, but I don’t know if it’s what Potter fans are looking for. This is less a battle between good and evil and more simply a literal battle of skills between a pair of magicians. Regardless, the imagery is fantastic and I hope it gets made into a movie so I can see the scenery and costumes brought to life.

Switching to nonfiction, Candice Millard’s “Destiny of the Republic” is a look at the life and brief presidency of James Garfield. A lunatic named Charles Guiteau shot Garfield but did not kill him. The book explains that had Garfield’s wounds been left alone, he probably would have survived, but because of the ignorance of stubborn doctors who didn’t believe in sterilization and treated the President with used instruments and their bare hands, he developed a severe blood infection and died slowly over the course of 10 weeks. It’s a fascinating (and infuriating) read. Millard presented the book at last year’s Express-News Book & Author Luncheon and I got it for my dad for Christmas.

Two co-workers recommended “Daughter of Smoke & Bone” by Laini Taylor. This YA fantasy is a little out there, even for me. Karou is a human raised by a group of chimaera. The leader of the group, Brimstone, sends her on errands but doesn’t offer any explanations when Karou wants to know the purpose behind them (or who she really is — she has no knowledge of her origin). On an errand, she’s spotted by Akiva, an angel (sworn enemy of the chimaera) who finds something familiar about her. They develop a relationship, but Akiva knows what Karou’s past holds and when she learns it she has to decide whether or not to stay with him. This is a planned trilogy and even though I find it super weird, I really want to know what happens. I’ll be reading the sequels.


“Big Miracle” Yeah, I know, super cheesy. But I love me some John Krasinski (and the whales turned out to be really cute, too.)

“Albert Nobbs” Glenn Close and Janet McTeer do fantastic work in this movie, but it might be the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen.

Internet Highlights

5 Mistakes Everyone Should Make, courtesy of Real Simple.

Check it out! “The Artist’s Way” is now an app!

I would totally plan a vacation to see Flavorwire’s 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World.

People who turned their dreams to reality from Oprah.com by way of CNN.com.

90 author quotes on everything from inspiration to publishing.

Are you creative? Take this quizย  to find out.

A blogger takes on a different Pinterest project every week for a year on Minding My Nest.

Marcus Mumford of the band Mumford & Sons is hosting an online book club. Awesome!

Coming up in March

Like I said, I want to finish editing my book’s first draft by my birthday on March 25. I also need to write an extra chapter. Applying the edits and adding the chapter = a second draft. And a second draft means it’s time to find some readers who can tell me what works and what doesn’t (preferably in a nice way). This is where the process starts to get scary, people. Wish me luck!


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