Photo Prompt Three

"Quantum Cloud XXXIII" by Antony Gormley. Denver Art Museum. Photo taken in January 2011.

From the wall plaque: “One cannot be certain whether the body is a condensation of the energy or the energy is an emanation of the body,” Antony Gormley says of his Quantum Cloud sculptures. He bases these sculptures on his own body. He finds a position, then stays completely still while assistants encase him in a cast. “The whole project is to make the work from the inside,” he says, “rather than manipulate it from the outside.”

When I saw this sculpture my immediate thought was that the energy was exploding from the body. But, I love the idea that the energy is pulling inward and creating the body, too. So, I’ve decided that the energy is cyclical: The body reaches out with what it has, surrounding itself with the cloud, and then pulls in what that cloud absorbs.

If I’m that body, I’m reaching out by writing, taking photos, exploring new places in the real world and online, painting, having conversations with creative people, blogging, trying new recipes, reading books, seeing movies and listening to music. Each time I do one of those things, I pull inspiration from them and reach out to do more. It’s like stretching my arms wide and then wrapping them around me. It’s like taking a deep breath and letting it whoosh out.

If you’re that body, how are you reaching out? What are you pulling in?


2 thoughts on “Photo Prompt Three

  1. I immediately see it as energy coming toward the body. To me, surrounding yourself with things you like, creating things you like to have around you, and keeping company of those with positive energy can help leave you open to the positive energy you want to attract.

    Although that’s not always possible or in your control, maybe Natalie can BE the positive energy those around her in her workplace need to attract.

    Like you said, Stef, we can allow whatever energy we want to accept. I’ve never heard of anyone or anything good occur when allowing the negative to enter us. I choose to only associate with positive energy. I spent too many years having to constantly fight off negative energy in my life. It can be exhausting!

  2. Looks like chaos surrounding the person…I imagine the body being a kind of magnetic center, and “it” is what it attracts. This could be a good image to keep in mind when feeling overwhelmed…stop and think, what is it that you are attracting today.

    Like this week in particular, I am overwhelmed by the negativity in my workplace. I am imagining myself as the body and the negative chaos is attacking me…but with this in mind, I am going to choose to attract positive energy and let that serve, in turn, as a barrier to the negative. I hope it works, lol.

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