Month of Letters; painting inspiration

Is anybody else participating in author Mary Robinette Kowal’s Month of Letters Challenge? I’ve mailed four so far and there are eight more going into the mailbox this week. The goal is to send 24 total by the end of the month (I’m running out of time, I know).

The four I already mailed were a hit! I got a “thank you” call or text from each of the recipients. See? People love getting fun stuff in the mail! If nothing else, send at least one letter or card before February is over. You even have a bonus day this year! (Whoa. I see a lot of exclamation points in this paragraph. Oh well; not changing it.) 🙂

Carefully placed stamps. 🙂

I’ve noticed a few things while doing this project. 1) I need an address book. I have people’s addresses written down on scraps of paper that are floating around in random drawers, which is very unhelpful. 2) My penmanship is AWFUL. When I scribble notes to myself it hardly matters, but when writing out a letter to someone else it becomes glaringly obvious that I’m edging toward chicken scratch territory.

Connect the dots, la la la la…

There’s a really cool place in town called The Alley on Bitters (formerly Artisan’s Alley) that is a collection of antique stores, galleries, clothing shops and restaurants/coffee shops. They also have a farmer’s market, live music and other fun events.

The last time I was there I headed to the pottery studio to see about signing up for a class. Sadly, the studio moved, but in its place is Many Hands Gallery, which has paintings, pottery, ceramics, jewelry and inspiration. (Here’s an old story about the gallery from I bought a pottery spoon rest for my kitchen and had an artistic a-ha moment, too. There were paintings on the walls (I wish I could remember the artist’s name – I’ll have to go back and see if any are still there) where the artist used dots of paint to give the images a unique, textural look.

My apartment has a very old stove, but at least there's a pretty spoon rest!

I started a painting a while back that I’ve never finished. In my head, it’s what a person would see if they were standing in the middle of a forest and looked up at the tree canopy. After seeing the paintings in Many Hands Gallery, I’m inspired to continue.

Step 1. The light filtering through the trees is mostly green with hints of blue, gold and red.

Step 2. Branches. They'll be coming in from all sides, pointing toward the center. This is where I stopped before.

After I finish the branches (and figure out how to texture them, too), I’m going to try the dot technique for the leaves. It might look ridiculous, but I won’t know until I do it. That’s the fun of art, right? I’ll be sure to post progress.


6 thoughts on “Month of Letters; painting inspiration

  1. Can’t wait to see the painting when it’s finished! And I just realized I need a spoon rest – I have to clean my poor stove like every 10 minutes because I just throw things down without even thinking.

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