Exciting news, chocolate-filled raspberries and an editing update

Remember this creative writing challenge from a couple of weeks ago? My aunt Laila participated and even though she was too shy to post her poem in the comments, she felt confident enough to submit it to a poetry contest! How cool is that?? I’m warm and fuzzy all over. 🙂

In other exciting news, I followed a bunch of authors, agents and publishers on Twitter (follow me via the feed on the right) and a few of them have replied to my tweets and have even followed me back. I’m just a random fan/follower right now, but hopefully by the time I’m ready to send out queries they’ll recognize my handle. 🙂 🙂

Chocolate-filled raspberries


I got the idea from Pinterest and served them twice this past weekend. They were a hit, and so very easy to make. Semi-sweet chocolate chips and raspberries. Rinse the berries, let them dry out on a paper towel for a few minutes, stick the chips in and boom!

Pinterest is such a cool site for creativity. You can find great recipes, crafts and home decor ideas. Most of what I’ve done with what I’ve found on Pinterest is cook. I also have a board with book recommendations (a work in progress), but my guiltiest Pinterest pleasure is looking at clothes. I can’t afford to go shopping right now so I’ve created a board with things I would buy if I had the money. It helps scratch the itch.

Editing update

I’m about halfway done with the first round of edits on my first draft. It’s going well. One thing I’ve realized is that I need to add a chapter smack in the middle of the story. It’s something I considered before and now I know it’s the right thing to do. I still think I can meet my birthday deadline, though I’m a slow writer so I may have to hermit myself for a couple of weekends to get everything done. It’ll be worth it.

Nobody responded to my last editing update about meeting my main character so I’ve put that idea on hold for now. She’s a little annoyed about it, but no more than she is at anything else. Still, you might want to watch your backs. 😉


5 thoughts on “Exciting news, chocolate-filled raspberries and an editing update

    • Whoa, I wasn’t throwing accusations. I just said nobody said anything about my idea of introducing my main character back in that original post (I just checked again and still don’t see anything about her in the comments) so I’m waiting to do it. I see when y’all do post and appreciate the support. Thanks!

  1. I should try that clothing board on Pinterest but I DID successfully resist the urge to buy a new LeSportSac at Macy’s this weekend AND avoided the Jason Wu for Target frenzy. 🙂 Maybe the board will make that WAY easier!

    Also, congratulations to you on your new Twitter crowd and your Aunt Laila on her poetry submission!

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