7x7x7x7; Editing update; Big question

This weekend wasn’t my best, creatively speaking. I worked Friday night, read a book (to be mentioned in a future post)/did my best impression of a slug all day Saturday and hung out with my family on Sunday. The hang-out could be considered creative since I was at my grandmother’s house to re-learn how to make chicken mole. I’d argue that cooking is the best kind of creation since you can eat the final product. πŸ™‚

I did have my camera with me, but I wasn’t allowed to stop stirring the sauce lest it stick to the pan. No monkey business in Gramma’s kitchen. So, no pics. Sorry. (Only a little sorry. The food was too tasty for me to feel that guilty about slacking as a photographer.)


Here’s a creative writing challenge that’s a bit more hard-core than Lunch Haiku. (I loved everyone’s haikus, by the way. Y’all rock and we’ll have to do that one again!) Choose the seventh book on your shelf, flip to page seven, select the seventh sentence on that page and then write a seven-line poem beginning with that sentence.

My book is “Eclipse,” the third in the Twilight series. Here it goes:

“Afternoons were the hardest part of my day.”

Between golden morning and Sun’s final ray,

when the world is bright but empty.

Nothing to discover.

When each person thinks he sees

every secret of the other,

but it’s really only part of the game we all play.

No idea if that’s proper meter or punctuation or anything, you know, technical. Don’t much care, either. It was fun. πŸ™‚

Editing Update

I’m about two chapters in with my purple pen. To be honest, it’s taking longer than I expected. I fix sentence structure, do a lot of “find and replace” (i.e. “Cicadas buzzed in the trees” became “Cicadas buzzed in the forest canopy.” A fluffy fix. Also, “He looked annoyed” became “He scowled down at his lap.” Showing, not telling. Stuff like that.) This is along with making sure my characters are coming across the right way and that the story progresses as it should.

I’ve given myself a birthday deadline to get through the first round of edits. That’s two months away. Totally doable.

The Big Question

How would y’all like to meet the main character? Put your answer in the comments, and the sooner the better. Although she’s expressed interest in granting an exclusive interview, she thinks she’s a big deal and can be a real bitch if she feels like her time is being wasted. (Don’t tell her I said that.)


P.S. – Happy Chinese New Year! Tonight’s dinner will be eaten with chopsticks in honor of the Year of the Dragon. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “7x7x7x7; Editing update; Big question

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  3. from Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar:

    Because it has to, otherwise life would just be…
    The words fade into the din of machines.
    Nevertheless, eyes bright and flickering –
    It’s there, the answer! and with that she’s free.
    “My advice is look forward, babe, cause behind’s just a pain in the neck.”
    It was hard not to expect more.
    I guess that was the point, she’d probably heard it before…

  4. Ok, here goes:

    From “Finding Sarah”:

    “Optimistic, I agree to the introduction.”
    So many ideas, but starting with one
    Offering perspective of my own
    From events my life has shown
    Learning and growing never ends
    Experiencing life and the time I spend
    Always searching until the end.

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