Making mandalas; The Hot Dog Story

This weekend my sister and I went to our Aunt Laila’s house to draw mandalas. (Thanks to Uncle Val for grilling. It was delish!) Laila is the one who first introduced me to mandalas back in the summer of 2008 during our family’s annual beach vacation. She learned about them through an art course. Then she found this book:

Original edition. Revised looks different.

The book interprets colors, symbols, numbers, placement and themes and the result is usually some kind of revelation. For example, last night I confessed I don’t like the color blue. The book says that blue suggest calmness, serenity and peace. It says that the brain’s response to blue is relaxation, which is why most people like it. What does my resistance say about me? Am I too uptight and tense? Am I desperate for what blue is supposed to offer? Am I secretly jealous of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s new baby? 😉

L-R: Nat (sister), Christiane (cousin) and Laila making mandalas

Making mandalas is a fun way to get the creative juices flowing. Give it a shot! Trace the outline of a dinner plate onto a blank piece of paper and see what you come up with. You’ll end up surprising yourself, I promise.

The evening's work. That blue one on top is one of mine. See? I tried to shake my aversion.

The Hot Dog Story

When I was in college I worked at the AMC Huebner Oaks 24 (RIP) movie theater. This is probably true of every job, but you really don’t know what kind of crazy things the public will do at a movie theater until you work at one. Here is the strange but true – and everyone’s favorite – Hot Dog Story:

A middle-age man comes up to the concession stand and orders a hot dog. The person working the register gives him one from the warmer. He opens the container, touches the hot dog, says it’s not hot enough and asks for another.

The cashier tells the supervisor, who tries to tell the man that they’re all going to be the same (to no avail, because then she calls for me). I go over and tell him what they’ve already told him. He asks if it can at least be microwaved. I tell the supervisor to get the microwave from the back and zap it. She’s carrying the microwave to plug it in and drops it on the ground. Of course it doesn’t work after that.

I go back to the customer and tell him the microwave is busted but there’s a batch of hot dogs coming off of the grill and would he like one of those? He says yes. I make it myself and do it so he can see me. I get a fresh bun, get the hot dog directly off the grill and assemble it. I hand it to him. He opens the container and feels it. He says it’s not hot enough.

THEN HE GRABS MY HAND AND PUTS IT ON THE HOT DOG! “Does that feel hot to you?”

So. Much. Ew.

I was so mad, I made a fist and ruined the hot dog. Pieces of it squeezed through my clenched fingers. I raised my voice and told him that was the hottest hot dog he could get and if that wasn’t good enough he could have his money back.

I have so many stories about my time there, and almost all of them feature ridiculous customers like that. But dude, seriously. Don’t touch me. And don’t make me touch your hot dog!

Your turn: Tell me a hilarious/crazy/awkward on-the-job story. I don’t think any of you will be able to top mine.


5 thoughts on “Making mandalas; The Hot Dog Story

    • I liked The Hobbit! I already know what I want to talk about. So *raspberries* to you. 😉 But I’d be happy to lead a mandala session sometime. Or maybe y’all can just come with me to my aunt’s, since she has all the stuff. (I should probably ask her first, huh?)

  1. No telling what goes on in our brains…aversions and resistances…would be fun to find out, I think!LOL Sounds like the guy at the theater should have opted for nachos. 🙂

  2. I love mandelas…particularly the ones with symmetry…symmetry catches my eye and when off, it does bother me…I like the kaleidoscope effect…well done, ladies.

  3. LOL! I don’t think I ever heard that one before.

    By the way – your camera takes really good pics. The colors are just as vibrant as they are in person. Thank you for not including the one I made and titled “dumb yuk.” A word to anyone who decides to try the mandalas…they don’t all come out as masterpieces, but thats ok…its all part of the process.

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