Photo Prompt

Around the way, around the bend,

where does the snowy path end?

Spokane, Washington (2006)

Just around the curve, a log cabin is tucked into the trees. Smoke wafts out of the stone chimney and the clear voice of Bing Crosby can be heard from inside where a man sits, feet propped toward the fireplace, drinking spiked egg nog. His big hound dog is curled up on the rug in front of the hearth. The snow is too thick to break a path out and nobody will visit in this weather. It will be a quiet night at home.

That’s what I think is at the end of the path. What do you imagine is there?


12 thoughts on “Photo Prompt

    • wow! go noelle =)

      I had to read that a couple of time before I really got it (poetry isn’t my strongest suit, despite the fact that I earned a degree in English)

  1. I love your cabin, but mine looks out over a beautiful view with occasional wildlife appearing.
    The cabin is stocked with all the necessities for as long as desired-weather not an issue, and all the books and movies I haven’t gotten to enjoy at my beckoning.

    I would be working on scanning all my photos and thoroughly enjoying some missing ‘me’ time. 🙂

  2. A huge frozen lake that stretches across the horizon with no end in sight. No sign of life except for your own heartbeat and the steam from your breath.

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