Two-tone hair; Editing begins!

Did everyone have a creative weekend? I did!

Here’s a bit of info about me: I do weird things to my hair. Five years ago I dyed it half purple (much to the horror of my hair dresser – Hi Debbie!) Imagine you’re going to put your hair half-up/half-down. Everything in the half-down section was purple, so when it was all down the color peeked through my natural color and when it was in a ponytail there was a purple stripe going up the back. I don’t care what Debbie says. It was cool.

For a few months now, I’ve been wanting to two-tone again. Red on the last 4 inches of all of my hair, so that when it grows out, the tips will be a different color. When I went to Debbie last week and she asked what we were doing, I told her the plan. She rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. I ended up with the ultimate victory – when it was done, she said it was “pretty cool.”

I think everyone should mix it up with their appearance every once in a while. If dyeing your hair is too much, play with a new shade of makeup or try new combinations with your regular accessories. (People who don’t wear makeup or accessories… I don’t know what to tell you. I’m girly like that.) You’ll have fun because you’re being creative!

On to the serious stuff.

I printed out the first draft of my book this weekend because it’s time to start the first round of editing! Woo! I chose a fun binder to put it in (made of 100% recycled materials, thank you very much) and purple pens for scribbling (red felt too much like I was being graded.)

The system is to have the text on the left side and a blank page on the right for notes. This meant hole-punching on the opposite side and putting the pages in, one by one, facing backward. Tedious, but necessary.

I’m ready to get started! Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Two-tone hair; Editing begins!

  1. I love your hair Stef, I always have. And it looks really long now. I need to do something with my hair soon. I think I need a total makeover actually. Do you see what you have to look forward to someday? j/k I love jewelry so when I want to have a quick pick-me-up I occasionally enjoy a new watch or pair of earrings. Or perhaps a new shade of lipstick or nail polish. And there is no harm in being girlie. It is fun being a woman. It has it perks too. ha ha

    Anywhoddles, it looks like the book is coming along well for you and I cannot wait to read it. I know it will be good. And thank you for staying green. 🙂

  2. how so very exciting-the new look and the editing process…had no idea your hair had gotten so long…and I love the purple-a favorite color of mine, as well…enjoy this next step, hope it goes better than you expect (that gets it to us anxious readers sooner)

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